The FOA has identified three Primary Strategic Themes on which to attach its Strategic Plan. These primary strategy themes are highlighted as follow.

Efficient Resources Management: the FOA have the right workforce equipped with sufficient resources to provide exceptional service to our Stakeholders, while working as a team in a performance driven culture.

Stakeholders Value Addition: the FOA team operating together with communities, strategic partners and all relevant stakeholders in order to achieve all of its strategic objectives.

Superior Operations Performance: the FOA workforce ensure that they execute operational process in the most effective and efficient manner to maximize service to all its stakeholders.

The FOA high level statements as contained in its Strategic Plan are indicated below.


  • To be recognised and appreciated as key contributor to the sustainable utilisation of Namibian marine resources


  • To actively monitor compliance to legislation and collect quality scientific data within the Namibian and international waters towards the sustainable utilisation of Marine Resources in a participatory manner

Core Values
In our effort towards excellent customer service, we embrace the following five core values, (PATAF):

  • Professionalism – with integrity we will apply best practices, conducting ourselves in a proper manner, proudly representing the FOA wherever we go, promoting the important role and professional image of the FOA
  • Accountability – in dedication to our work and assigned responsibilities, with due consideration of proper delegation, we take ownership and full responsibility for the process and results of our work as good corporate citizen/public servant;
  • Teamwork – we realise the need for continuous collaboration internally and with our partners; we work in teams in all we do;
  • Appreciation – as caring institution, we demonstrate that we value others – as individuals, their contributions and achievements; we reward appropriately based on performance;
  • Fairness – We actively promote fairness and consistency in all we do through the principles of equality, justice for all and non-discrimination.