The Fisheries Observer Agency derives over 60% its revenue from charging the fishing industry an observer levy for each hour a Fisheries Observer spent on board a fishing vessel. Remainder of the revenue is provided by Government through parliamentary appropriation. The latest levy tariffs are tabulated below and effective from 01st April 2013. The observer levies have been increased by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marines Resources, as per the Government Gazette, No 139.

Observer Level 2013/2014                         Observer Levy Per hour
Trainee/FDA NAD 48.32
Grade One NAD 49.19
Grade Two NAD 50.53
Grade Three NAD 52.73
Grade Four NAD 55.94

The Fisheries Observer Agency is currently investigation a funding model that will lead the Agency to self sustainability. The results of such investigation are expected to be known and implemented during the financial year 2014/15. As it is custom the new fees to be charged shall be gazetted in the Government Gazette.