Request for Proposals

Our Mission
The FOA actively monitor compliance to legislation and collect quality scientific data within the Namibian and international waters towards the sustainable utilisation of Marine Resources in a participatory manner.

Request for Proposals


In line with FOA’s mission, the FOA invites suitable qualified Service Providers to submit proposals for consulting services to develop a business plan in conjunction with Management and the Board. The FOA will emphasise on the following:

1. The Business Plan should be aligned to the 5 year strategic plan;
2. The Business Plan should be a 5 year plan, but only detailed for the first year;
3. The Business Plan should incorporate business operations.
4. The Business Plan should consider the Corporate Image Building;
5. The Business Plan should be sustainable;
6. The Business Plan should consider implementation considerations;
7. The Business Plan should have clear details on costs, timing and responsibilities;
8. The Business Plan should form the basis for performance management.
Interested Service Providers should submit:

• a brief overview of the proposed methodology, envisaged duration and a break-down of costs for the various project activities;

• a profile of the Service Provider, which should indicate relevant skills, experience and a list of references with contact details.

The awarding of the project will not necessarily go to the Service Provider who has submitted a proposal with the lowest cost specifications.

Please, submit your proposal in a sealed envelope clearly marked Request for proposals and delivered to:
The Chief Executive Officer
Fisheries Observer Agency
1274W, 1st Street East
Walvis Bay
Tel: 064 219 500
Closing date: Friday15 August 2014

For more information, kindly contact:

Mr. Manfried Kamwanga Likoro
Head: IT, Strategic Communication and Marketing
Fisheries Observer Agency
Tel: 064 – 219 500 Cellphone: 081 292 5546
Email Address: or

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